Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Indonesia Super Power

Jakarta? ........ it is surely traffic jam, do not? certainly yes ,

Let us try to think,
1. how the rate increase of vehicles in Jakarta . at least a thousand cars. thousand cars have the equivalent of 8 m2 area of the road. just talking space not traffic. its means a year in Jakarta in 1000 increased new car unit is required 8 x 1000 square meters of new roads or about 2000 meters / 2 kilometers. This is minimum condition for the same conditions (same as bad I mean) but that it must be more than a thousand mobil.according to a source, in Jakarta every day grew more than 300 units of new cars and 1700 motorcycles in one year means 100 thousand more cars. according to the above calculation means Jakarta need to add 200 kilometers road to maintain the same conditions. and we know that the growth of roads in Jakarta is almost 0% (actually 0.01%) or about 7600 km x 0.01% = 0.7 km. fantastic right away.
2. It does not include motorcicle increased 1700 units per day in the year 2009.

so .... why?

Story administration made a breakthrough with the opening LBUSWAY ..
rather than a priori, this program is good but ...... application not totality, want to know why?

1. Bus way was made to move the private car users to switch to the busway. good is not it?? why the do not want?? gimana ya they want to use the busway feedernya not reply to disconnected, the numbers do not meet, like a queue at the bus stop
2. feeder should reach all corners of the resurrection (in the language defined traffic areas where commuters live). in this area Jabodetabek bogor tangerang, bekasi, depok.
3. Stop pressing urgency, this means the need for the availability is still far away. This makes it unpleasant.
4. The absence of sanctions for car users to use in urban areas. do not talk sanctions had not yet provided a means reply properly. the ball is still there on the part of stakeholders power. new sanctions usually imposed when all was going well but users still desperate to use private cars.
5. doubt that there has been only applied lane 3 in 1. effektiff the program is not reasonable because there are many tricks that users of private cars with the jockey 3 in 1.
6. weighting for private car users can be done with the enactment of extra parking rates high and strictly regulated by local dki. where the funds are used for parking of cross subsidies for mass transportation is a bus way. application of tariff imposed by the balance between large effek rates with traffic density. where if the traffic is still solid raised rates again and so on so that the ideal condition is reached plus local governments solve the problems that other sources of financing for mass transportation.
7. there is more to be done is by application of tariffs on dki road user at a certain hour. of course with the implementation of special technology to monitor and then calculate the thatched private car.
8. low discipline security forces performed well and the road users. city bus stops around, angkot stop around, a car running is not in his lane road where the actual two-lane two lanes reserved only used three cars but that bike up onto the sidewalk. car into the intersection area in the red light condition occurs senhingga locking and effek domino. and much more.
9. humility discipline actually very easy to overcome if the local authority stakeholders to apply the appropriate methods to discipline. a technology that is now very easy to find the CCTV can be used as tools. there should be no traffic cop at every intersection. Just place the CCTV there with the relationship centered on the record all ditlantas gestures car. direct violation of cars online fined dibertahukaan any particular time period with evidence of CCTV tape had been so little by little awareness of traffic going up 24 hours of supervised karea.
so easy to set it all but it will be difficult if there is interest behind.

Thus the contribution to Indonesia's mind Towards Superpower


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